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RS Waldie Consulting Ltd

What is RS Waldie Consulting Ltd?

RS Waldie Consulting Ltd can assist you with your requirements to implement reliability initiatives

RS Waldie Consulting was conceived from a need in the maintenance field for expertise in assisting clients to implement equipment reliability initiatives. There are many proven methods of developing effective programmes to maintain assets, but most of the focus is on effectively collecting the data. The prime examples are Reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) and Reliability-centered maintenance 2 (RCM2). These methodologies focus on determining the safe minimum levels of maintenance providing users with the ability to balance acceptable risk against maintenance cost. RS Waldie consulting utilizes the experience of our staff and partners to assist you in implementing this information based on our experience in multiple industries and make the process work for you.

Why do clients need RS Waldie Consulting?

Our experience in the field of reliability implementation can assist you in numerous ways.

  • Assisting in implementation of RCM, RCM2 and MTA reccomended actions in your maintenance software using proven strategies.
  • Training your personnel in how to effectively use your EAM, ERP or CMMS software to implement your reliability initiatives based on Industry Best Practice.
  • Advise on how to leverage data collected from IoT to monitor equipment condition and drive effective corrective maintenance work.

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